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Entrevue avec Dario RĂ©

Entrevue par Louis L. pour Photos: CPDGQ & archives web. Avec le changement d’heure et les tempĂ©ratures plus froides, une suite »

Le parcours du Rigolet Ă  la Une du Journal de LĂ©vis!

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10 Questions Ă  Simon Lizotte

Avec ses plus récents exploits, Simon Lizotte a beaucoup fait parler de lui dans toute la communauté Disc Golf pendant la suite »


An Interview with Dario RĂ©

Interview by Louis L. for
Pictures: CPDGQ and web archives.

With the change of time and the cold weather, another disc golf year is wrapping up heading into the slow season. It is time to present to you this year’s very best Disc Golf player of the Province of QuĂ©bec. Here is an interview I did with Dario RĂ©, only days after he won the 2015 Provincial. You can get it translated in french here as the original Q&A was conducted in Dario’s native english.

An brief interview with DARIO RÉ, Quebec’s Disc Golf Champion.

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10 Questions to Simon Lizotte

With his most recent achievements, Simon Lizotte has been the talk of the disc golf community lately — especially in the last year. Since he visited Montreal back in September to co-host the Deep in the Game clinic presented by DiscMania, he has, amongst other things, broken 2 world distance records with both a disc and a mini!

Interview by Louis L. for
Picturess: Isaac Olson and web archives.

With the 2014 season coming to an end, I was lucky enough to have Simon Lizotte take time out of his busy agenda to answer a few questions! As his answers were very interesting for our club members as well as for other disc golf players throughout Quebec, I’ve also asked him permission to translate the original interview in french. Pretty sure that’s a first too.

So without further delay, here are 10 questions to Simon Lizotte from the ADGQ!

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